7 Things to Look For When Touring an Open House

You’re in the market for a home, you have gone to Kinlin Grover Open House Listings and checked out the inventory, you’ve put together a short list of potential properties and you are going to call me to go tour the homes with you! 😉  The pictures online look amazing, you have found a couple with the exact amount of rooms and bathrooms you need and the square footage is what you want. But while the pictures online can say a lot, seeing a home in person truly speaks volumes. Visiting a property is your first opportunity to “kick the tires”. While you are out there scoping out the prospective homes don’t overlook these 7 critical areas:

The Neighborhood

You have to remember you are not just buying a house, you’re buying a neighborhood too. And that may be the most important thing you cannot get a feel for online. During the visit be sure to pay attention to the traffic sounds and speeds, the condition of other homes in the area, and whether or not there is plenty of access to your families amenities like shops, parks, or malls.


When you look out the windows what do you see? When you step into the back yard how much privacy to you want to have and do you feel like it is comfortable for you? Depending on the season, like in the Winter it will feel less private but check to see how many trees or shrubs will potentially grow in.  Always remember that you can add privacy shades and shrubs to help with this if you are in love with the house 🙂

The Home’s Exterior

Take a walk around the entire perimeter of the house; you might be surprised at what is hiding along the sides out of sight. Is there deferred maintenance? Pay close attention to the exterior paint. Does it look fresh or is it chipping? Do the roof shingles look like they need replacing? Ask when the roof was last done if it is an older home. What is the condition of the gutters or any other key items on the exterior?

Having Good “Flow”

One thing pictures online do not show is the flow from one room to the next. Do they feel well laid out? Are they spacious enough for your needs? The hub of the home is typically the kitchen, is this an open and inviting space?  The way one room opens to the next is important when it comes to making the most of the space you got.  You can also think of the layout when looking around. Are the bedrooms all on one floor? Is the master bedroom set apart from the rest? Is there space to put an office or a gym? Make sure you have your list of needs, wants and extras ready to go when looking at each home to see if you can check off the boxes!

Smells or Stains

The nose knows. Check out the basement and even the attic. If you smell something not so great you may want to ask  more questions. Water stains in the ceilings and along baseboards in the basement could be signs of flooding or water damage, make sure to take note.

Light and Air

When you’re in the house is there a lot of natural light? Is the house designed in a way that allows for good air flow.  Not only is sunlight and fresh air enjoyable, but opening those windows and catching a breeze can help cut down on utility bills during those mid summer months.  Then think about Winter, do you notice any drafty windows or doors that may be a problem? Take a look at the condition of the windows, take note and question how old they are.

Closet Space

Is there a lot or a little? Will the home’s storage space keep you organized and accommodate all your stuff? I know that some homebuyers, this is a deal breaker, so it’s better to check now before you fall in love with the rest of the house. This is the one thing that I did not think of when looking at our home. I figured it out and declutter on a seasonal basis to keep from over storing items. So it actually keeps me more organized having less closet space!


I hope these tips help make your Open House experience an exciting and enjoyable one! If you need any help looking for your next home please know that I would love to be your Realtor!

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Posted on May 17, 2018 at 12:17 pm
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