Healthy Travel Tips

For the last year I have been improving my health. I have been eating better and working out at home 5-6 days a week. I love the healthy habits I have created at home and it makes me feel great and able to focus on my work each day.  When I travel I loose that control of my surroundings and my habits get lost in the process.

With each trip I do get better at getting more prepared with what I can do to keep myself on track. I have read a lot of different articles and blogs on this topic and found that these 5 tips are what will bring me the most success in future trips. I hope you find them valuable too!

Tip #1  Do Research and Plan Ahead

Know where you are going, and read up on your specific location. What restaurants and activities are in the area? Look at a map of the location and see if there is going to be a lot of walking on this trip or not. Plan to go to the best and most popular restaurants so you know you are getting quality food that is worth indulging in. Taking that another step further you could look at the menus ahead of time as well and really get a visual of what you will be eating and when.

Tip #2  Be Realistic

After planning and possibly over planning your trip you still need to be realistic. You are not go to go by your plan minute by minute especially if you are traveling with other people. Sometimes plans change and you jump in a cab and go to another part of a city. Be ok with that and enjoy!  I like to use the 90/10 rule while I am at home but open that up to an 80/20 rule while on vacation or traveling.

Tip #3  Find Time for Fitness 

While you are doing your research look for local yoga studios, spin classes or even a really nice bike path that you could explore. Maybe your location is going to have a lot of stairs, that counts! If you are like me who works out at home and streams videos on my phone, I can do that anywhere. Making the time is the difficult. In future trips I am going to get up earlier than the other travelers and get my workout done! I like to think of the exploring exercise as a bonus!

Tip #4  Drink a lot of Water

This is a super important one and can be difficult if you are traveling in different countries. I like to fill up my water bottle 2-3 times a day and getting it right from the refrigerator door. Now when you travel you have to keep buying water and it usually comes in small plastic bottles. I buy a big jug that holds gallons of water and then I can keep refilling my bottle through the trip.

Tip #5 Pack Some Herbal Tea

Tea is really great to help with digestion and cleansing the body of toxins. While you travel you are eating and breathing in things that you may not typically ingest. A little ginger or peppermint tea will help keep you balanced and calm an upset belly. I am a huge tea lover and have a few cups a day. For those who are not tea drinkers you could also get some essential oils like lemon, peppermint and ginger to drop in some water and enjoy it that way.

Good luck with your travels and comment below with any other tips that help you stay healthy while traveling!




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Why You Should Plan Your Cape Cod Vacation Now

Make 2018 the Year You Use All Your Vacation Days! 

Did you know that more than half of Americans don’t use all their allotted vacation days? The study also found that Massachusetts residents are guilty, with 55% of Bay Staters admitting they don’t use every hour of vacation time.

To avoid eating lunches at your desk while your co-workers enjoy the 40 miles of Cape Cod National Seashore and breathtaking sunsets, start vacation preparations now.

Here’s why: A majority (52%) of workers who dedicate time each year to plan out their vacation end up using all their time off, compared to just 40% of non-planners. Advance planners also tend to take longer vacations. On the Cape, 1-2 weeks will give you time to explore the entire peninsula, including restaurants, entertainment and the vast spaces of national parks and nature preserves, as opposed to fitting in a few days at the beach over a long weekend. Here are a few other perks for early birds.

Stay at Your First Choice Spot
More than four million people visit Cape Cod each year. Don’t risk your favorite spot being booked up because you waited until May to call. Hotels, bed & breakfasts and a variety of resorts offer early bird booking incentives and vacation packages, as well as deals for midweek and off-season stays. You also have the option to contact Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals and find a private home perfect for your family to enjoy for 1 week or more!

Plan a Family Vacation or Couples Getaway
Cape Cod offers cozy options for couples, as well as enough family-friendly activities to keep both you and the kids entertained. While it’s an ideal vacation spot for everyone, you’ll want to nail down the details to ensure the experience you want is the one you end up having.

Couples should look for quiet retreats and getaways that offer plenty of privacy and pampering. To escape everyday stress and unplug, a quaint bed & breakfast or historic inn may be in order. The Palmer House Inn in Falmouth transports you to another time in their Queen Anne Victorian house.

For a perfect spa experience, consider the Shui Spa at The Crowne Pointe Inn & Spa in Provincetown, which provides facials, body wraps and restorative massages using Kiehl’s Skin Care Products. Alternatively, the Beach Plum Spa specializes in overnight and day packages for massages at two Cape Cod locations.

Besides relaxing spa experiences, the Cape Codder Resort adds a giant dose of family fun with its 30,000 sq. foot indoor water park with giant slides, a lazy river and a wave pool. The Wequassett Resort and Golf Club – a 4-star oceanfront property in Harwich – offers stylish amenities for the whole family. Kids can take advantage of the outdoor aquatic playground, a game room and movie nights, while the adults experience one of the finest golf courses in New England. The Red Jacket Resorts on Cape Cod (there are five, all located in Yarmouth) offer a little bit of everything – private beaches, supervised kids’ programs, indoor and outdoor pools and water sports.

In September, the weather stays warm, but most of visitors have gone home, leaving an intimate feel to the ocean paradise. Late fall provides foliage and perfect temperatures to enjoy the bike trails and festivals that let you indulge in food and culture.

So don’t delay any longer, book early and be sure to savor every vacation day.

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