How to Protect Your Home During Winter Weather

Extreme cold weather can be hard on both you and your home. Here are some tips on how to protect your home during cold winter weather:

First let’s talk about some things you can do in the late fall to prepare the outside of your home for the cold:

  • Disconnect all garden hoses, cover facets with insulating foam and turn off the water to all outside faucets.
  • Make sure all sprinkler systems are turned off and blow compressed air through the lines to drain them well.
  • Locate all the outside vents and pipes that need to be open and free to exhaust at all times.
  • Cover or remove air conditioner units
  • Caulk or repair any holes or cracks on the exterior of the home

Here are some things you can do inside your home to prepare for the cold winter weather:

  • Have the furnace inspected, install a clean air filter and make sure everything is working properly
  • Inspect fireplaces and chimneys, see if they need cleaning and there are no drafts
  • Repair or replace weather stripping around doors and windows
  • If you know of a draftly spot install sheet plastic window insulation
  • Buying curtains that help keep the cold out and warmth in is a great investment for your home.
  • Have contact information for a plumber, an electrician, a HVAC technician, roof repair services, tree removal companies etc. It is nice to have the name and number of someone who is trusted in your area before an emergency happens!

Now a storm has arrived!  You are ready to go, you feel confidant that your home is ready and warm. Here are a couple things to prepare you besides getting enough bread and milk!

  • Fill your car with gas
  • Add antifreeze to your windshield washer fluid and run it through the system
  • Have working flashlights and batteries in the house
  • Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have updated batteries
  • Get your phones charged fully
  • If you have any prescription medications get them filled in advance
  • Get enough food items that you can eat with or without heat or power. Here are some ideas of things that you do not need to cook:
    • Vegetables and fruits you can eat raw
    • crackers and cheese
    • nuts and dried fruits
    • deli meats

After the storm had finished check the exterior and make sure everything is safe:

  • Check the vents and pipes that need to open to expel exhaust
  • Check for leaks or spots where snow or ice is building up
  • Treat areas where there may be ice in a walking path or driveway
  • You may be in charge of a sidewalk in front your house
  • Keep your mail carrier safe as well by making a clear path to your mailbox

Now you can go back to playing a game with your kids or building a snowman with the great feeling that your home is in good condition this Winter.  It will continue to be a safe warm place for your family to live, grow and enjoy for many years to come!

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South Shore Real Estate Connection

Hello and Welcome to my Blog! I am excited to start blogging to share about being a Real Estate Agent.

I don’t consider myself a writer, but want to be able to reach more people, share my life, my experiences, and tips.

This is an interview with myself, that could be the best way to answer some questions without talking too much.

Who are you?

My name is Allison Higgins, I live in Massachusetts and I am a Real Estate Agent/ Health and Wellness Coach.  I am passionate about showing people simple ways to have a healthier lifestyle and I love helping people find a house that they can call home. The hunt for the right home is such an exciting process with each new client I get to work with and be part of their lives.

I am a step mom, a dog mom, a gardener, a lover of the outdoors and a complete home body. My home is my oasis and it makes me happy and whole.

Why are you blogging?

I am blogging to reach more people, I get uncomfortable first talking to new people in person, this makes it much easier to meet people and learn from people through the blogging world.

What am I going to blog about?

This blog is going to be about Real Estate in Massachusetts, South Shore and Cape Cod where I focus my business. I will share tips, places you must go check out, advice to buyers and sellers, trends in the market, events in the community, home improvement advice, and DIY projects. There are many ideas in my head and now its finding a way to organize them and get them on here!

Who are you writing for?

I am writing for people around me that I can help. Young families starting out, first home buyers, empty nesters, second home buyers, downsizers, and growing families. I can help people relocating to other areas of the U.S or coming here from far away as well.

How can my audience get involved? 

I LOVE Feedback!  Share questions and comments and I will get back to you.

What are my blogging goals?

I want to meet new people and share my knowledge!  Real Estate and Healthy Living can be overwhelming and stressful for folks. I think I do a pretty awesome job at keeping the process SIMPLE and fun for my clients.  I hope you enjoy!

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