What to Expect When Selling

Selling your home involves many tasks and timelines. Here are the basic processes to keep in mind during your sale.

Before listing your home
• Research professionals — Look for an agent who’s active in your neighborhood. Check out their online profile and credentials before calling.
• Schedule a Listing Appointment — Set up a time where you can discuss your expectations for the sale, go through the comparative market analysis and any improvements you plan to make before listing.
• Work around school or employment — If you have school-age children, listing in the late winter or early spring months gives you a better chance of closing escrow and moving before school starts. If a job is prompting you to move, coordinate your sale with your relocation and determine if you will be buying or renting in your new community.

After you’ve hired your agent
• Ask questions — Ask your agent what to expect during the sales transaction, and always ask for buyer feedback on what will make your house more marketable.
• List on a Thursday — Listing towards the end of the week puts you at the top of the list and builds momentum that allows for a strong open house for the weekend.
• Prepare your home — Hire a home inspector and make necessary repairs.
• Rent a storage unit — If you still occupy your home, clear clutter and store away any personal and valuable items.

While it’s on the market
• Keep a cleaning service handy — Hire a professional cleaning service to come in while your house is on the market.
• Discuss sales strategies with your agent — If your home is listed for more than six weeks without an offer, reconsider price or improvements that will enhance your home.
• Be prepared — The housing market may change. Be flexible and open to changes. This will help you sell quicker and eliminate home-selling stress.

Posted on June 5, 2018 at 11:52 am
Allison Higgins | Category: Selling

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